Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The Fall of an American President

George W. Bush's administration is in turmoil. The latest polls clearly show Americans dislike for the agenda set by this president. Polls are showing only about 32% of Americans approve of the job Bush is doing. Now, I have never put much stock in a public opinion poll. The only polls I usually go by are "election results". But I do think Bush is losing support across the United States for three reasons.

1) War in Iraq
2) Gasoline Prices
3) Illegal Immigration

Bush has no one to blame....but himself for this loss of support. Let's examine where this administration went wrong.

The War in Iraq

Bush clearly rushed into this war based upon the advice of those around him. I have no problem saying ...."It was horrible advice". The "War Hawks" in this administration assumed this war and occupation of Iraq would be simple. The U.S. military would just roll in, destroy Iraq's military, topple Saddam's regime, and the Iraqi people would kiss America's feet as a liberator. This did not happen. America is now pumping billions of our tax payer dollars into Iraq.....trying to build infrastructure, fighting a rising insurgency, and propping up this puppet government of our creation that is filled with individuals who hate one another. This government will never last.

Even though this administration has made a clear mess in Iraq, I also recognize that we can't afford to leave Iraq. I am a practical pirate. The U.S. needs oil. I am not going to walk to work and neither do I wish to pay $5 a gallon for gas. Iraq controls about 10% of the worlds oil. I also understand the importance of having U.S. military bases in the Middle East. The U.S. has to plan for every eventuality. One possible eventuality is China threatening the Middle East and our oil supplies. The U.S. must make sure that China can never threaten our oil supplies and we must always make sure that the U.S. can cut off oil to China in a second. That's how the United States can control the "beast from the East". A Chinese tank can't run without oil!

So, what's the solution in Iraq. How can America achieve our goals in regards to Iraq?

The Iraq Solution

The most practical solution would be to split Iraq into two nations. Iraq is not a "natural" formed nation. The Europeans powers loved to throw different ethnic groups together, draw a map, and call this place a country. Then the Europeans would play the different groups off one another. Iraq has 3 different ethnic groups (Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites) who hate each other. The U.S. should allow the Kurds to create their own nation. The northern oil fields will then be secure and the Kurds would be dependent on the U.S. for protection, arms, and money. Win-Win situation.

Now, what to do with the Sunnis and Shiites? The Shiites should never be allowed their own country. The U.S. has clearly tried to deal with these people but they are "religious nuts". The Shiites do not speak our "language". The Sunnis do speak our language, "money and power". The U.S. should "allow" a civil war between the Shiites and Sunnis. Let them fight it out for awhile. The U.S. can supply arms to both sides and America can eventually help the sunnis conquer the Shiites when it suits our purposes. Does this mean the U.S. will help to install another Sunni dictator? Maybe.

It is time for Americans to grow up. All these Americans whining and screaming about Iraq better understand how important this war is. If the U.S. doesn't get oil prices down by next year, I fear what will happen to the U.S. economy. This is going to affect everyone and especially your nice fat 401(K). But why doesn't Bush just go on television and have an honest discussion about Iraq to the American people? This president has to explain why this war is so important. The American people are sick of the bullshit. Lay it all out Mr. President.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Build your Pirate Fund

There is only one way to begin building your cash reserve fund. You must start to save money. The best way to save money is to always remember to pay yourself first. You work hard every day. Your paycheck is the reward for all the crap you put up with during the week. Before you worry about any bills, always pay yourself first. So, how much should you pay yourself? Ten percent of your paycheck is a good place to start. For example, if you bring home $200 a week then you will pay yourself $20. Every week you will put $20 into your cash reserve fund. If 10 percent was good enough for Jesus, then it is good enough for you!

Now listen carefully. Do not touch this money you are saving! Even if the dishwasher breaks down, do not touch this money. If you begin to use this money for emergencies now, you will become depressed and start to doubt whether you will ever save up any money. Leave this money alone. Use your credit card for any emergencies that happen while you are building up your cash reserve fund.

You should use your regular savings account at your local bank to build up your cash reserve fund. This account will pay you a little interest (nothing to brag about) and keep your money safe. By the end of the year, if you saved $20 a week, you will have $1040 in your cash reserve fund plus whatever interest your money made during the year. You have accomplished two things in doing this. First, you have proven that you can indeed save money. Wow! You have beaten the system. Second, now you should have enough money in your savings account to stop the bank from charging you that maintenance fee every month for your checking and savings accounts.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Establish your Pirate Fund

Every person needs a cash reserve fund. This should be your first priority. Do not worry about any other investments until after you establish this fund. Just like it sounds a cash reserve fund is pure cold cash. Your fund should hold about six months worth of living expenses. In simple terms, if your bills every month equal to about $1,000 then you should have $6,000 in your cash reserve fund.

Life loves to deal everyone surprises. Your car breaks down or your washing machine decides to die during the Christmas holidays. These types of occurrences wreck budgets and plans. If you are like most Americans, when faced with a large appliance purchase or car repair, you are forced to reach for old Mr. Credit Card and you will pay through the nose in interest.

Now imagine if you have established a cash reserve fund. When your refrigerator breaks you will have the money available to buy a new one. Instead of having to go to Mr. Credit Card on your knees because you have too, now thanks to your cash reserve fund, a world of possibilities exist.

What would happen if you lost your job? You might go to work tomorrow and be told, “Hey buddy, we are shipping your job to China”. This is happening everyday all over the United States. Your cash reserve fund would help supplement your unemployment payments until you could find another job. What if you were fired and could not get unemployment? Now with your cash reserve fund, you have at least 6 months of living expenses in cash. You can at least go to sleep knowing your house payment is going to be made that month. That last sentence you read is one of the most important reasons to make this fund first.

We all like to feel secure. A cash reserve fund will allow you to feel more secure and in control of your life. Imagine if you had $5,000 in cash right now. I bet you would sleep better tonight. When you go to work, you would probably walk a little straighter. That is what having money does for you. It makes you feel more confident and secure. Having money at your fingertips also gives you one more special thing. We call it freedom.

Freedom isn’t free. Are you free right now? Do you go to work because you choose to or because you have too? The answer to that question speaks volumes. If you hate your job and have a jackass for a boss, a cash reserve fund allows you the freedom to quit whenever you want. You can walk out the door today and tell your boss you “choose” not to work here anymore. That, my friend, is what we call true freedom. When you establish a cash reserve fund, you have become just like Thomas Jefferson, writing your own Declaration of Independence.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Greed will get you Killed

I have no desire to be rich. Thats right......you read that correctly.....I have no desire to be rich. Once again, if your here to get rich.....go to another blogging site that will preach to you the gospel of wall street. I do want financial security. Now, lets talk about why being rich sucks.

Lots of people want to be rich. They stick in their little heads that a million dollars would be a nice sum of money to have. It's not easy to get a million dollars. You will have to assume alot of risk to aquire that amount of money in a short amount of time. Wall Street doesnt teach you about risk. They just show you lots of fancy graphs showing how your money earning 10% a year will grow to a million dollars in 30 or so years. What a load! I find it amusing how people will part with their hard earned money over a pretty graph.

I take great pride in being one of the middle people in America. Us middle people are not rich nor are we poor. It is the middle people who made America what it is.....the greatest nation in human history. If you became rich......it would ruin you! Money corrupts. It will corrupt you and your family. Your kids will become spoiled brats and never value a dollar. In 3 generations whatever wealth you had will be gone once your kids and grandkids get done. That is fact. I will explain to you later about the shirtsleeve to shirtsleeve principle in a later post.

Rich people lose all sense of reality. They live in another world where a rising stock is more important then their community and society. A rich person is happy to send his neighbors job to China if it will raise his stock price. What vile people....and they call us pirates scum!

I do want financial security. That means to me, that i dont have to worry about losing my job and my bills being paid. I could lose my job tommorrow and sit on my couch for 5 years watching Dr. phil and not worry about a darn thing. Now thats the pirates life. I want to own some land, a home, a car, a big screen tv, and have the ability to tell my boss to go to hell if I choose. Im sure this is what you want too. We have allowed the rich people in America....to fill our heads with bullshit......and its time to set the record straight.

Greed will get you killed my brothers. Once your soul becomes infected with greed......you will make unwise decisions and assume too much risk. Wall Street knows this.......and they love greed.


Welcome to my Lair!

This blog will focus on aquiring loot and what to do with it. I will not make you rich. I will not give you "hot" stock tips or preach at you like all those other "fools" do. Pirates are very practical individuals and we are not "suckers". You can't con a con man. Most of what you hear and see on the Internet from other finance blogs is nothing more then trained "parrots" saying what Wall Street has taught them for 50 years. Let us now begin a grand adventure.....into the dangerous world of finances.

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